Cancer Treatment

A Global Issue

Cancer is a worldwide problem and accounted for one in every 5 non-communicable deaths in 2012. The World Health Organization estimates that over 8 million deaths per year are due to cancer. More than two thirds of these deaths occur in low-middle income countries.


Radiotherapy is a pillar of cancer treatment and cure. Over half of all cancer patients will require radiotherapy treatment. But radiotherapy involves large, expensive and sophisticated machines. These machines need dedicated, specialized concrete rooms with significant staffing and service support.

Health Care

Over 350 million people do not have any access to radiotherapy services. The WHO estimates over half of cancer patients live in low and middle-income countries, but have access to less than a third of the world’s available radiotherapy machines.


Advanced, best-practice radiotherapy should be cost-effective and affordable – and it can be…

What if ... Advanced cancer radiation therapy didn't have to cost so much? You (and your family) didn't have to travel to a regional cancer care center for the best treatment? A system could accurately scan your tumour and treat the cancerous tissue in real time?

Our Solution

Nano-X is an innovative cancer treatment system, being designed and developed in Australia. Nano-X will change how radiation therapy is delivered - from large reference centres to small town hospitals.

An advanced on-board imaging/planning system captures 3D images in real-time, controls the linac, delivers the right amount of energy automatically to the right tissue, with fewer dedicated staffing requirements.

  • Reduction in Cost

    20% the cost of competitors

  • Lower Staff Requirement

    25% of the on site staff

  • Reduced Bunker Size

    33% the size of a conventional bunker

  • Compatibility

    100% compatible with existing bunkers


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Dr Ilana Feain

Founder and Managing Director
Dr Ilana Feain leads all aspects of the Nano-x project. She is a senior research fellow at the school of Medicine at the University of Sydney. Dr Feain is a recipient of the Inaugural L’OREAL for Women in Science Fellowship and CSIRO Ruby Payne Scott award.
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Professor Paul Keall

Founder and Director
Professor Paul Keall is a professor and NHMRC Australia fellow at the University of Sydney. Paul founded both Respiratory Innovations and Nano-X and has ownership of three royalty bearing licences with seven radiotherapy research agreements with multinational companies.
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Professor Thomas Rockwell Mackie

Professor Thomas “Rock” Mackie is an indefatigable innovator, entrepreneur and key opinion leader in medical physics. Over the past 5 years, he has obtained over $22M USD in funding and has ownership on 47 issued patents. Professor Mackie co-founded Tomotherapy and Geometric Corp.

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